female of the species // photographer & self-portrait artist // west coast wanderluster // I have a fascination with the human body, biology, conceptual art, and the strange & macabre // This is where I collect art that I love, plus my own original work.

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cairn [ke(ə)rn] 


1. A mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.

My little Yosemite trip was exactly what I needed. Nerding out in nature with two other photographers, being reminded of how much world there is to see, having practically zero cell phone coverage, seeing deer everywhere, chasing golden hour, taking dips in the Merced River, and trying to capture it all with four different cameras.

This little rock pile park was an unexpected surprise on the day we made a short hike to Mirror Lake (which we found to be completely dried up, thanks global warming/drought/Obama!). I’ve read about these artificially-made piles, usually done by hikers and travelers, but this was my first time seeing them in person. And so many! I immediately knew I wanted to shoot my weekly photo here. Super awesome thanks to Kristina for helping me shoot this.

Before I left this little spot, I added my own small rock to an existing pile.

 © Lisa Kimberly